Press release – 1 September 2020

EinheitsEXPO 2020 opens in Potsdam: Commission on the 30th Anniversary of the Peaceful Revolution and German Reunification presents gallery and exhibition

To celebrate the 30th Day of German Unity, the EinheitsEXPO 2020 on the theme “30 Years – 30 Days – 30xGermany” will open in Potsdam on 5 September. The Federal Government Commission on the 30th Anniversary of the Peaceful Revolution and German Reunification is taking part in the festivities and presenting the Galerie der Einheit, a frequently changing art project in and on a cube on Potsdam’s Luisenplatz, with an accompanying virtual exhibition online. The Commission has also selected special milestones along the path to German unity, which can be viewed in a walkable exhibition at the Alter Stadtkanal.

The eye-catching Galerie der Einheit cube is located in the middle of Luisenplatz. The exterior walls of the installation display artworks created by members of the public, all of which relate to the theme “Germany: coming together as one”. Together, the works form a mosaic and create the impression of a single larger artwork. The 30-square-metre interior of the cube features the works of 10 artists selected by a jury. Each of these installations is dedicated to the theme “30 Years of German Unity – 3 x 10: Reimagining our Future”, and each of them will appear for three days. The art featured over the course of the EXPO will range from paintings, photographs, object art, and video and sound installations to performance pieces.

When the EinheitsEXPO opens on 5 September, the accompanying online exhibition will also be launched. Both the physical and the virtual exhibition will be continually updated to include new works by both artists and members of the public. This will enable people around the world to take part in the 30th anniversary of German unity and behold Germany’s artistic diversity. More information on the virtual exhibition, the schedule of artists displaying their work inside the cube, and the gallery in general is available at: .

The walkable exhibition “On the Path to German Unity” is another highlight of the festivities in Potsdam. For the anniversary year, the Commission has selected important dates and events from 1989 and 1990 as historical milestones along the path to unity. During the EXPO, these milestones can be viewed and experienced anew in an exhibition at the Alter Stadtkanal in Potsdam.

Dietmar Woidke, Minister-President of the state of Brandenburg and current President of the Bundesrat, will celebrate the opening of the EinheitsEXPO with a tour of the entire exhibition space. Former Minister-President Matthias Platzeck, the Chair of the Commission, will welcome visitors to the cube and the exhibition at the Alter Stadtkanal.

Additional information regarding the anniversary year and the Commission: 

The Federal Government would like to celebrate the 30th anniversaries of the peaceful revolution and German reunification as unifying anniversaries for all of Germany. To this end, it established the Commission on the 30th Anniversary of the Peaceful Revolution and German Reunification, which is chaired by Matthias Platzeck, former Minister-President of the State of Brandenburg, and set up an office at the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community to support the Commission. Find out more here:

The Commission reflects on the transformation and unification process so far to learn lessons for the further integration of East and West. It has agreed important milestones of the anniversary year commemorating the 30th anniversary of the peaceful revolution and German reunification. Find out more here:

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